O-Matic Intelligent Robot Limited

O-Matic Intelligent Robot Limited

O-MATIC have over 20 years of experience from US and Euro in manufacturing, includes R&D in automation machineries, software, ERP system and know how in plastic injection, sheet metal, electronics and robotic. We obtained patents on core manufacture processing method, we can provide you with prototyping, mechanical design, QC specifications, approvals, certifications and export services.

REC Green Technologies is the sole distributor for the following robotic application of Construction Innovation and Technology Fund’s pre-approved list :

CITF Code: PA19-011

A wireless control battery-operated Universal Service Vehicle capable of carrying construction materials/tools moving around construction sites with different terrain conditions. Transbot can replace manual handling operation in delivery and unloading of heavy items. It can reduce safety hazards of the labour and increase work efficiency.

CITF Code: PA19-035

Water Spraying Robot
The robot is designed for water spraying test suitable for indoor leak test. Workers only need to set the test trajectory according to the requirement of the site. The robot can spray water according to the set trajectory. By using the built-in HD camera, user can monitor and record the entire water test process. User can also realtime monitor multiple robots through internal 4G router.

CITF Code: PA19-036

A 6-axis collaborative robot with a drilling tool which will move the drilling tool to drill holes on desired spots with high accuracy and efficiency.

CITF Code: PA19-037

Mobile Welding Robot
Mobile welding robot is a robot equipped with a mobile robot platform (include a 6-axis collaborative robot), welder and water cooler. It can maneuver on construction site to handle welding jobs according to the programmed trajectory accurately.

CITF Code: PA19-038

A 6-axis collaborative robot with a spraying tool attached to an universal service vehicle (USV) can maneuver at construction sites to handle painting job. The USV with wireless remote control moves the robot into close proximity to painting areas. The robot can then move the spraying tool to spray paint following the programmed trajectory. With the help of Paintbot, workers are kept away from potentially harmful inhalants.