O-Matic Contruction 2.0

O-Matic Construction 2.0
Robotic Plasma Cutting & Welding Capping Plate on Site

The idea is to enhance the cutting & welding method with O-Matic technology into the construction industry, the priority are cutting H-Beam pile & welding capping plate.

Robotic Plasma Cutting & Welding Capping Plate on Site has been adopted and completed over 300 nos. of H-pile in the public works project in 2021. Welding & cutting quality and productivity were significantly improved with the innovative robotic application.

Conventional cutting & welding vs. Robotic Plasma Cutting & Welding

1. Quality : Failure < 3%

High Quality – Surface cut edge and straight & flat level

Welding time for 5 holes within 1 hour

2. Lower operation cost, higher productivity

3. Site Safety : Enhance construction site safety by eliminating the hazard (thermal and radiations) to the workers

Frequently Questions

Do I need to buy the Robotic Plasma Cutting & Welding Equipment?

No. O-Matic’s professional services include: 

    1. Robotic equipment
    2. Programme and design of welding procedure to suit project’s requirement
    3. Technical documentation
    4. Implementation of works

What is the requirement to facilitate the robotic plasma cutting & welding on site?

Robotic Plasmas Cutting
Electricity Supply : 380 V / 32 Amp., Min. 100 Amp
Air Flow (Air Compressor) : 5.2m3/min

Robotic Welding
Electricity Supply : 380 V / 32 Amp.
Mixed Shielding Gas : Argon/CO2

Can you provide the training to our staff?

Yes. O-matic shall provide the skill training to the Partners.

How long it take to review the feasibility of using innovative technology?

Please call our Project Team to conduct a site survey and provide us with the requirements of cutting pile and welding details for proposal and discussion.