Bamako Burner™

All-in-one Joss Paper Burning System for Smoke & Fly Ash Removal and Heat Absorption

Bamako Burner™ – All-in-one Joss Paper Burning System for Smoke & Fly Ash Removal and Heat Absorption

Bamako Burner™ provides you with effective solution to filter black smoke and Total Suspended Particulates, with over 90% removal efficiency, achieving zero emission of black smoke. Not only it safeguards the health of neighboring residence, worshippers and staff from your organization, but also this environmental-friendly innovation shall meet the expectations of the government, environmental groups and the society. Hence, the neighborhood relationship can be harmonized and win-win situations can be achieved.

Bamako Burner™ is included by the Environmental Protection Department in the List of Local Suppliers of Cremation Equipment and/or Air Pollution Control Equipment (APCE) for Paper Offerings Burning.

Major Features

Single button control,
easy to operate

Robust Design

With heat-resistant and durable parts, the Bamako BurnerTM can operate properly for a long time even under high temperature. lts large re-circulation water tank will ensure sufficient cooling capacity and its thermally-isolated coupling will allow extraction fan to operate under high temperature.

Safety Measures

Once the temperature inside the treatment system nears and excessive range, water is instantly added to reduce the heat.


Wet-type Joss Paper Burning System

Wet Type Joss Paper Burning System adopts two-stage treatment philosophy: the first stage is water scrubbing, which uses water as a medium to rinse the exhaust gas, so that larger particulates are transferred to water, and hence the exhaust gas is purified; the second stage is electrostatic precipitation, where the remaining finer particulates in flue gas will be charged up by high voltage field, and finally be collected by electromagnetic force. Since there is a water scrubbing feature, wet type system is particularly suitable for application with high amount of joss paper burning.

Dry-type Joss Paper Burning System

Dry Type Joss Paper Burning System adopts industrial grade dry type filters to remove the particulates in flue gas directly. When flue gas passes through the filters; particulates will be filtered and accumulate at the surface of dry filters. The accumulated particulates will then be blown away by automatic cleaning system and collected at the bottom. Under normal circumstances, the filters can be used continuously for years without replacement.


Tin Hau Temple, Ha Heung Road

To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Chinese Temple Committie

Lai Chi Yuen

Mui Wo, Islands

Wan Fou Sin Koon

Lau Fau Shan, New Territories
Wan Fou Sin Koon

Kwun Yam Temple

Hung Hom, Kowloon
Chinese Temples Committee


What are the uses of Bamako Burner™?

Bamako Burner™ is an all-in-one Joss Paper Burning System for Smoke & Fly Ash Removal and Heat Absorption, which adopts wet-type or dry-type filtration system and achieves zero black smoke emission, complies with Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department’s Guidelines. With smoke and fly ash removal efficiency over 90%, the performance is verified by CMA Testing and Certification laboratories.

How does Bamako Burner™ operate?

Bamako Burner™ has two filtration systems: dry-type and wet-type, their operating principles are as follows:

  • Dry-type adopts industrial grade dry type filter and filtrates the particulates directly;
  • Wet-type use the Venturi water scrubbing system to filter black smoke and fly ash, then use the electrostatic precipitator to further remove the remaining tiny particulates.

Bamako Burner™ has an exhaust system to extract the emissions and meanwhile facilitate air circulation, to ensure quick and full combustion of paper offerings.

Bamako Burner™ are suitable for what kind of places?

Bamako Burner™ is ideal for temples, cemeteries, funeral parlors, crematoria, columbaria fields, hospital mortuaries, etc. Especially dry-type Bamako Burner™ is compact in design, and excellent for residential indoor installation. Moreover, our engineering team will tailor make a solution to better meet client’s specific needs as well as different environment requirement. Our one-stop services include design, supply, delivery, installation, test and commission, maintenance, etc.

What are the differences between Dry-type and Wet-type Bamako Burner™ ?

Dry-type and Wet-type Bamako Burner™ both remove smoke and fly ash over 90%, achieve zero black smoke emission, comply with Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department’s Guidelines. Their differences are as follows:

  • Wet-type Bamako Burner™ employs Venturi water scrubbing system; it is suitable for venues with large joss paper burning demands.
  • Dry-type Bamako Burner™ has no drainage system and is compact in design; it is suitable for installation at tight space or places with fewer joss paper burning demands.

What is the lead time?

90 days for Dry-type, and 120 days for Wet-type.

How often is the maintenance work required?

  • The routine maintenance for Wet-type is simple, only need to clean the system once every 2 weeks, including replacing water and cleaning the sediments in the water tank, washing the electrostatic precipitator.
  • The Dry-type Bamako Burner™ has an automatic cleaning system, no cleaning or maintenance work is required.