About RGT

Founded in 2011, REC Green Technologies Company Limited (“RGT”), subsidiaries of REC Engineering Company Limited, provides a wide range of energy saving solutions, energy efficient products, power management and monitoring system, as well as building management system for new and existing buildings. RGT has become incredibly adept at helping customers innovate efficient operations that will benefit them in lower energy usage and smarter building management.

Throughout the years, RGT’s commitment in satisfying clients’ needs inspires the development of numerous innovative products. Its leading-edge energy-efficient systems and environmentally friendly products have been proven to be remarkably effective that the company is able to take into its portfolio quite some product brands. RGT offers a series of power conserving solutions and products which deliver reliable performance, such as – Intelligent DC Fan Coil Unit (“iFCU™”), Integrated Building Management System (“iBMS”), PowerBox™ on-line Energy Monitoring Solutions, Energy Optimization Solution (“EOS”) for HVAC System and Nanoflex® – Lighting Fixtures, Reflectors & Solutions and Digital Power Meter. We have successfully saved over 4,630,381 kWh of energy for different clients since establishment.

Focusing on green building innovation



MWh / Annum


Thousands Hong Kong Dollars


Ton of Carbon Emission

Energy Optimization Solution (“EOS”) for HVAC System is an ideal illustration of green innovation that has great potential in saving at least 15% of energy by identifying the optimal HVAC settings in a given ambient condition and cooling load demand. This technique possesses advanced adaptive ability that enables the system continue to learn, which reflects the most current status of the HVAC system at any time. EOS was tested in the Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong SoHo Hotel, followed by fine-tuning and evaluating the positive influence in the energy saving of the HVAC system. As a result, our EOS system helped save 234,000 kWh/annum, an equivalent of 27% of the entire energy consumed by HVAC system and annual saving of 109 ton of carbon emission (average CO2 emission per kWh 0.47 kg) was achieved.

In 2012, REC Green Energy Solutions Company Limited (“RGE”) was founded to research and develop energy-efficient solutions to provide the foundation that takes RGT to the next level with new solutions aiming at accelerating the pace of smart and green building development.

Creativity out of the tradition

RGT has been rolling out Bamako Burner™, an All-in-one Joss Paper Burning System for Smoke & Fly Ash Removal and Heat Absorption to filter black smoke and Total Suspended Particulates (“TSP”). This green product achieves zero emission of black smoke with over 90% of particles removal efficiency. This environmental-friendly installation not only safeguards the health of neighboring residence, worshippers, and staff of the organization, but also meets the expectations of the Government, environmental groups, and the society. The epitome of design – incense smoke and odor reduction system was launched in 2016, and has flourish the way of worshipping while preserving our traditional culture ever since.

In 2020, RGT launched the Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) Remote Monitoring & Control Solution, with the cloud service to provide real-time monitoring and control with email / SMS fault notification at a reasonable capital cost.

It is designed for connecting the system signal of remote site, and dedicated functions of sending the alarm/fault message to the officials for those critical operations, e.g. hospital ward, machine room, pump station etc.