Remotely Operation Vehicle “ROV”

Remotely Operation Vehicle “ROV"

Our Robotic Vehicle System (ROV) presents as a promising technology to tackle any complex problem in maintaining our client’s facilities from a wide range of industries, including tanks, sewer, petrochemical plants etc. The system offers an excellent heavy-duty cleaning ability to remove any undesirable stubborn waste such as sediment and sludge accumulated at the bottom of your facility. Unlike a traditional maintenance operation, it does not involve any human entry into dangerous and potentially explosive confined environments. With our comprehensive robotic solution and wealth of experience in waste management, we design and deliver the best way out to meet your specific needs.

Major Features

  • Robust SS316 Structure
  • Non-electrical Hydraulic System in Confined Space Area
  • Flexible Duo Speed Operation
  • Versatile Application in Complex Terrains
  • Strong Cutting and Cleaning Capability
  • Varieties of Cleaning Tools & Monitoring Systems Against Different Scenarios


Tai Po Water Treatment Works

Tai Po, New Territories
Water Supplies Department

Wan Chai East Preliminary Treatment Works

Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island
Drainage Services Department