Internet of Things

Internet of Things (NB-loT)

RGT’s NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) is one of our IoT solutions which required low power operation, wide coverage, and capable to integrate with various devices / sensors. It is a direct, simple and cost-effective solution for various remote monitoring applications, with the real-time notifications and web platform which can be achieved management goals. e.g. enhance sustainability efforts, energy efficiency and remote control in rural area and so on. By using our Universal NB-IoT Controllers, we have successfully applied our NB-IoT solution in different remote control and monitoring sectors:

* Critical operation of integrated refrigerator system in vaccination centers

* Operation status of Air Purification System-mobile modular HEPA unit in Hospitals

* Operation status of Penny’s Bay quarantine camp pumping facilities 

* Water quality of cooling tower

* High temperature condition of the equipment’s charging area in construction sites

* Water leakage 

* Operation status of Joss Paper Burner (Bamako Burner) 

* Operation status of lift system 

* Temperature & humidity condition of storage room  

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